The group is left stranding in a simulated hostile natural environment. In order to survive, they must work as a team, with very few resources and under great mental and emotional stress. Under the supervision of an outdoor expert, the team will learn basic survival skills. The program also includes briefings on ecology and safety rules and orientation with a compass. This activity enhances team work, leadership qualities, resource management and decision making in a crisis. An adventure in the wild outdoors which translates well in to the working environment.

Corporate Regata

Portuguese Traditional Games
Fitness and the art of playing like in the old days. Good humour is essential and fun is guaranteed. Teams must call upon their fitness and manual skills to play a series of traditional games, in which cooperation and coordination are highly enhanced. Games may include: “Malha” (the horseshoe game), “can knock down”, and sack race.

Beach games
Agility games played against appealing settings, for teams with their feet well-grounded in the sand, but aspiring to higher flights. Games available: Beach Football | Kite Launching | Beach Volley | Peteca (sort of badminton) | Beach tennis | Frisbee.

Assault on the Castle

Challenge Al-Kassar

Lisbon by tram - The mythical no. 28

Physical and cultural dexterity both contributing to the overall performance of the teams, in competitions with a gastronomic flavour.

Wine Challenge | Sintra | 2 hours
We offer a wine related challenge. Emerged in the typical atmosphere of a regional wine cellar, the group is invited to create a new wine, design an original label and develop a marketing campaign. A team building activity which challenges creativity and innovation.
Portuguese Wine fest | Mafra | Full and Half day
We offer the opportunity to take part in the most traditional of Portuguese farm chores: the wine harvest. Set against a rural setting, only a few Kilometres from Lisbon, we propose a unique day out, perfect for group interaction. Programs may include grape-picking, grape-treading, casual outdoor lunch, wine and olive oil tasting, wine blending contests, making of local bread, traditional music.

A series of orientation games, which take place in important cultural or architectural landmarks. Teams are called upon to identify clues, solve anagrams and answer questions related to facts and vicissitudes of those historical places.

A Taste of Lisbon
We propose an orientation game in the Lisbon historical centre, hosted by a very influential figure of its past - The Marquis of Pombal. Along the way, the group must not only find and identify characters outlined in the road book (statues scattered over the city which are in some way connected with the wine theme), but also answer questions on the lives and times of Portugal’s capital city. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with typical Lisbon characters who provide clues and a taste of local delicacies. For the grand finale: the wine challenge – a creative contest in which a blind tasting serves as inspiration for the design of an original label for a new wine.

The Magic of Regaleira | Sintra | 2 hours
We propose a mystical challenge in Quinta da Regaleira; a journey through theories and rituals belonging to Portuguese and universal legend. Quinta da Regaleira was built with a mysterious purpose, and it is up to each team to uncover the secrets held within its walls. Wandering through caves, wells, labyrinths, gardens and buildings charged with symbolism, participants must rise to the challenge and solve charades, discover curiosities, decipher anagrams.

All teams need to do is follow the coordinates (margin of error between 50 cm and 3 m, depending on GPS strength), that lead to the clues, pursuing whatever strategy they think works best. On the way, they find clues, solve puzzles, learn facts and curiosities about historical places and figures. These activities are ideal for enhancing team bonding in a fun filled environment and can be performed either in the day or night time. 

There is a mystery in the Mountain of the Moon | Sintra | 2 hours
This is an orientation game, which takes you from old town Sintra, up to São Pedro. Involved in mystery, teams have the chance to explore landmarks of Sintra’s historical and architectural heritage under the sign of the moon.

The kidnapping of the Chef | 2h30 hours
Anxiety takes over the kitchen as the great Chef has been found missing. Teams go out on the field looking for him, making their way through a series of codes, charades, riddles and puzzles. They must put together a special recipe ... and watch out for a big and grumpy rabbit!

The kidnapping of the Marquis | Vila Viçosa | 2h30 hours
Teams are taken back to the 18th century, where they must help find a Marquis who has just been kidnapped. An orientation game with a team building dynamics, perfect to strength team spirit and cohesion. In addition to finding the missing character, teams might also be called upon to arrest the kidnapper.

In Mariana’s chambers | Beja | 2h30 hours
A forbidden love between a nun and a gentleman of the 19th century sets the tone for this activity. Teams must endeavor to help the lovers with their correspondence, by completing sentences in the most creative and romantic way.

Geocaching | Lisbon | 2 hours
An orientation game, which makes you feel like Indiana Jones. Teams must follow the coordinates on their GPS devices in order to find caches (boxes) hidden in key historical sites of downtown Lisbon. In the boxes there are questions to be answered, riddles to be solved. Adventure, technology, history, agility and shrewdness are the ingredients of this team building activity, in which everyone's commitment is the key to the success of the mission.

Mission to the Mountain of the Moon | Cross Country jeep Tour | Sintra
Duration: 3 hours with stops.
Difficulty: Easy
Start / finish: Sintra historical centre.
Itinerary: Tour starts in the Sintra historical centre and continues, mission-like, to the Mountain of the Moon – Sintra mountain range – following the tarmac road, earthen roads and mountain trails. Features landscapes of great natural beauty: rock formations, dense woods, plains, orchards as well as sites of historical and architectural heritage. Stops at Vila Velha, Sanctuary, Peninha, Village of Penedo and Roca Cape.
Recommendations: Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, according to the time of year. Activity subject to weather conditions.
Includes: 8-passenger jeeps with driver. Coordination and supervision. Personal injury and liability insurance.
Group size: Minimum of 6 persons.

Cross-country kart tour | Sintra
Duration: 3 hours (linear) with stops / 1 hour (circular) with stops.
Difficulty: Easy - moderate, depending on the participants’ driving skills
Start / finish: Rio da Mula dam.
Itinerary: Linear or circular cross country kart tours. 2-passenger vehicles for the full off track driving experience. The route covers some points of interest within the Sintra mountain range, such as Lagoa Azul (Blue Lagoon), Capuchos intersection, and the emblematic village of Penedo. Circuit in earthen roads, trails and asphalt.
Recommendations: Wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes, appropriate for the activity and according to the time of year. Activity subject to weather conditions.
Includes: 2-passenger cross country vehicles, goggles, helmet and jumpsuit. Basic driving and safety rules. Support car, coordination and supervision by monitors. Coffee and water breaks. Personal injury and liability insurance.
Restrictions: Participants must own a valid driver’s licence. Safe deposit / token for the vehicles may be required.
Group size: Minimum of 6 persons.

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