We believe that corporations may contribute to a fairer and more sustainable civil society. Therefore, we regard Corporate Social Responsibility as a commodity as important as the products or the services that companies provide.

Based on this principle and in face of the current context of globalization, we think that corporate management must not only focus on the pursuit of its goals but should also strive to achieve more far reaching objectives, which include all its stakeholders: employees, clients, suppliers, the competition, the local community and public authorities.

Fuga Perfeita provides the means to achieve these purposes to corporations wishing to more actively increase their future accountability before the civil society.

Conservation and recuperation of buildings and environment
Paint jobs. Supply and installation of furniture for playgrounds and schools. Arrangement of gardens. Cleaning of woods, forests and beaches. Removal of garbage and rubble. Identification and control of infesting species, plantation of fruit trees or recuperation of the vegetation cover with native and protected species.

Raising of equipment and supplies
Staff members are asked to call upon their business contacts in order to raise equipment and supplies or to get them to volunteer services, which are pressing for the proper functioning of schools or institutions, such as educational supplies and furniture, domestic appliances, audiovisual supplies, wheel chairs, etc.

Entertainment for social awareness. We create, develop, organize and accompany a series of playful activities, visits and interactive cultural entertainment programs for corporations wishing to provide innovative experiences to citizens with special needs, who would otherwise not have access to them.



Inclusive Games
These sports games will allow your staff to interact with teams of players who have visual or mobility impairments. The inclusive games "Change" were designed to develop team-building dynamics through the use and sharing of less conventional means of locomotion. They provide an interactive way of raising your staff’s awareness to the day to day problems of those who suffer from physical limitations or reduced mobility.

Firefighter for a Day
We provide the possibility to become Firefighter for a Day. To step into the shoes of those who are ever ready to put their lives on the line to protect people and property. “Firefighter for a Day” is a training program, which results from a partnership between Fuga Perfeita and a professional fire department. It is designed to develop team-building dynamics, while preparing participants for procedures to be followed in an emergency situation. Activity includes rappel and indoor climbing.

Call Centre
The staff forms a “Call-Centre” team for the raising of supplies, equipment or services (school furniture, media and domestic appliancies, wheelchairs, IT supplies, food, clothes) for schools or institutions, in order to meet their most immediate needs.

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