When the art of drums plays a role in corporate life, companies gain in strength, cohesion, perseverance and resilience, with all working together under the same baton.

The X character
"The X Character" is a game of deduction. Teams will put their investigation skills to the test in order to uncover the identity of three famous or notorious personalities of past and present. All details count, in a night gripping with suspense and humour.

Murder! He said
This is a personified Cluedo type game, livened up by the dynamic performance of a cast of players, who interact with the group. Teams must uncover the identity of the killer; find the murder weapon and reveal the modus operandi. To that effect, they need to check alibis and question suspects, competing against each other in the attempt to be the first to solve the crime.

Moon base mission
Creativity as a tool for problem solving. Teams pose as astronauts, whose ship is damaged in a space accident, thus making it impossible for them to return to Earth.

Flash Mob
Get your moves together and dance to the beat. This flash mobilization presents a choreography which the group must learn to perform in synch with one another.

Improvisational theatre with a team building dynamics. In real time and without rehearsals the team must put together a play. This activity enhances the importance of listening, of accepting the input of others and of quick decision making in face of new circumstances.

Mimics for groups
Team members are parts in a machine, who must all work in unison to guarantee the proper function of the whole.

Cocktail Challenge

Laughter Yoga

Quiz Show
A game of questions and answers in the style of Trivial Pursuit, for an evening of entertainment and knowledge exchange.

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