We are a company specialized in tourist animation and cultural tourism, registered with the RNAAT - the national register of tourism agents – with no. 48/2004 - Tourism of Portugal. We create products and concepts specially designed to fit the specific needs of our Clients, such as Themed Entertainment, Team Building Activities for Outdoors and Indoors, Cultural Tourism, Workshops and Corporate Social Responsibility Actions.

We believe that Portugal has the potential to become a tourist destination of choice, when we value our culture and our natural heritage.

We position ourselves as a tourist animation company, dedicated to cultural tourism, wagering on the development of products and services related to Portuguese history and legend.

Target Public
Our focus is on companies that look for different products, such as physical, interactive or intellectual challenges, which add value to those who take part in them.

Our brand
The brand Fuga Perfeita – Perfect Getaway - represents what we wish to offer our Clients and our commitment to innovate and to do better every time.

Our logo
A sacred tree in many cultures, the Oak is a timeless symbol of strength and wisdom everywhere. In fact, the Latin word Robur was used to designate both oak tree and strength, referring equally to moral and physical power. For the Celts, the oak was a symbol of hospitality. With its strong trunk, wide branches and thick foliage, the tree was the equivalent to a temple. Therefore, the oak leaf stands for the sustainability of a brand, that wishes to remain strong, wise and above all, hospitable to those who seek it.

Our Team
We rely on a team of motivated and multidisciplinary professionals, highly focused on specific objectives within the company. We have degrees in Tourism Management, Marketing, History and Philosophy. It is our belief that excellence is built on knowledge and experience; therefore we provide training to our staff.

Code of Practice
Transparency – candor and honesty.
Commitment – a pledge to do better every time.
Know how – experience as the foundation of our knowledge.
Information – to convey knowledge.
Living – to enjoy all good moments, in harmony with nature and our fellow man.
Innovation and creativity – to promote Portugal as a desirable tourist destination available to all.

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