Pottery and Painting Workshop
A challenge moulded out of shapes and patterns. The opportunity to discover a hidden talent, a natural "expertise". Under the orientation of painters and experienced pottery makers, participants are encouraged to give body and colour to their own creative ideas and aesthetics. Essentially, it is all about enjoying a relaxed moment, moulding a clay piece according to the most traditional shapes, and to paint a plate, previously prepared to receive your colourful brush strokes.

Chi Kung Workshop
The Chi Kung is an ancient Chinese practice of interior training to achieve balance between body, mind and spirit. Chi means energy in all its manifestations. Kung means training or accomplishment through exercise. The human body is like water: if it does not flow it becomes stagnant. The Chi Kung practitioner learns to consciously draw in the energy flowing within nature and to redirect that flow of energy, through a series of specific postures, breathing exercises, meditation and fluid movement. Qigong developed from various forms of martial arts, mainly Kung Fu. It is likely to have originated from the method of the Five Animals, a series of exercises designed for therapeutic purposes by Hua To, a proficient Chinese physician.

DJ Workshop
Everything you always wanted to know about cueing, beatmatching and sampling, but never knew whom to ask. A workshop for amateur DJs or for those who have always been curious about this art of mixing music. Focus on the basic aspects of DJing, electronic music and club culture. On a fully equipped music studio, under the guidance of an accredited DJ, participants will have the opportunity to release their musical imagination in the mixing of rhythms and sounds.

Wine Workshop
Portugal has developed a unique wine country, which produces wines so varied and so exceptional. Portuguese wines are a blend of experiences gathered since times immemorial and no one better than a versed oenologist to offer you insight into the history of its dense liquidity. Participants will be able to learn how wine is made and how to appreciate its aromas and flavours. More practical aspects will also be focused: how to purchase it, how to store it and how to market it. Participants will be able to enjoy wines from different regions, such as Porto, the Douro and the Alentejo.

Cooking Workshop
All you need to do is put on an apron, enjoy a drink and let the action begin. You are challenged to prepare an entrée and a main course, no less. For that, you need to have a few tricks and techniques up your sleeve. We offer you recipes which stand out for their flavour. And that is it: to learn to create a special dish in a tranquil atmosphere. All so that you can nourish, and nourish well, the Chef within you.

Sushi Workshop

Photo Workshop

Cocktail Challenge

Sailing Workshop

Kitesurf Baptism
For this experiment you will get to know the winds and understand how to fly a kite sail. You will learn to prepare the equipment and how to make a kite release. In a secured area, you will be flying with kites of different sizes, first with two hands and then only with one.

Flower Workshop

Biodanza Workshop

Laughter Yoga

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