Events which recreate historical times and atmospheres, supported by a cast of entertainers. Dinners are interactive and the group is required to take part in the action and determine its outcome. Entertainment is provided during dinner with 3 to 4 interventions in between courses. Menus may be period related.

Baron for a Night
This event recreates a medieval dinner. It begins with the reception of the King and Queen. The group is divided into teams, each representing a rival family of noble lineage. All participants wear period tunics, 1 colour per team. Families must defend their lineage and put forward a candidate from their house to be wedded to the Prince or to serve as maid to the Queen. The evening ends with fire-jugglers and a belly dancer performing to live medieval music.

Arabian Nights
A typical Arabian dinner set in a room decorated accordingly, with silk draperies, pillows and candles. The evening begins with the reception of the Caliph and his daughter, Fatima. The group is divided into teams, who sit at different tables. Each team must help a Christian knight to win the hand of Fatima. During dinner the group is entertained by the performance of a belly dancer. The evening closes with fire juggling and live Arabian music. Optional: fakeer and snake charmer.

Marquis for a Night
“Marquis for a Night” recreates the atmosphere of 18th century court intrigue. The evening begins with the reception of the Marquis and his wife, who will host the diner. The group is divided into teams. Posing as ladies and gentlemen of the court, men wearing ruffle collars and women holding fans, they must proof themselves worthy of the place they occupy. To provide more realism, a briefing on period curiosities and courtly manners will be held.

These events involve entertainment which does not call for an active participation from the group. Nonetheless, the group is welcome to join in the action, either spontaneously or at the request of the entertainers. Menus may be period related.

Dinning with Eça
The recreation of a 19th century dinner, hosted by the Portuguese writer Eça de Queirós and his friend and accomplice Ramalho Ortigão. Eça, highly caustic and critical, and a more moderate Ramalho, perform a series of realistic comic routines, about what is served at the table and what “serves” the country. Against the backgound of charming Sintra, once a favorite retreat for both authors, the State of the Nation will be in the spotlight. The action takes place during dinner, between courses.

Nights at the Castle
Atmosphere is medieval, the table is set, the king awaits his guests, and the feast is on its way. Torches provide warmth and light to the newly arrived, who are most eager for food, drink and entertainment. After the king delivers his welcoming speech, the unexpected happens. An evil witch casts a spell on the royal princess. The king, her father, extremely upset, invokes a burn, in order to break the spell.

A return to the 18th century – a time of ladies and noblemen. Meetings promoted by the casualness of a disguise. The mask enhances the visual importance of those who wish to be seen but never recognized. The anonymity strives to keep the mystery eternal. One must find out who is who.

Three Wise Men
An evening in the company of the Three Wise Men, astray from their original purpose. Having escaped from some place in the East, they are on their way to the Palace of Belém – seat to the President of the Portuguese Republic -carrying loads of presents. To find their way, the wise men rely on a series of GPS coordinates. Melchior, the European, Casper, from Asia and African Balthasar, all represent the worlds that were then known and its inner values.

Le grand chef
Enjoy excellent food, spiced up by a vain French Chef, who comes with enthusiasm and a faithfully though clumsy servant. The array of dishes presented at dinner time will not be enough to fulfill the hungriest of stomachs. Introduced by “le grand Chef”, you may enjoyed a series of delicacies, which do wonders for the spirit but little for the appetite.

Up-close Magic

An instant, a circumstance, a distraction and…. voilà!! The unexpected sets in. Set the difference and expect the unexpected from a magician who likes to be the center of attentions. Be aware of objects appearing and vanishing, as a good magician does not necessarily rely on the premise that everything that goes away must always come back again. 

Stand Up Comedy
Fun-filled improvised performances which allow an interactive relationship with the audience. The texts and style of humor can be adapted to the characteristics of the group and/or the event, addressing issues that concern them exclusively or are in direct connection to their everyday lives.

Stilt Walkers
A "highly" funny couple gives you a warm and original welcome. Ideal for receptions, inaugurations or for opening wedding dances.

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