The Magic of Regaleira
Orientation game | Sintra | 2 hours
We propose a mystical challenge in Quinta da Regaleira; a journey through theories and rituals belonging to Portuguese and universal legend. Quinta da Regaleira was built with a mysterious purpose, and it is up to each team to uncover the secrets held within its walls. Wandering through caves, wells, labyrinths, gardens and buildings charged with symbolism, participants must rise to the challenge and solve charades, discover curiosities, decipher anagrams.

A Taste of Lisbon
Orientation game| Facts and flavours |  Lisbon
We propose an orientation game in the Lisbon historical centre, hosted by a very influential figure of its past - The Marquis of Pombal. Along the way, the group must not only find and identify characters outlined in the road book (statues scattered over the city which are in some way connected with the wine theme), but also answer questions on the lives and times of Portugal’s capital city. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with typical Lisbon characters who provide clues and a taste of local delicacies. For the grand finale: the wine challenge – a creative contest in which a blind tasting serves as inspiration for the design of an original label for a new wine.

Portuguese Wine fest
Mafra | Full and Half day
We provide the opportunity to take part in the most traditional of Portuguese farm chores: the wine harvest. Set against a rural setting, only a few Kilometres from Lisbon, we propose a unique day out, perfect for group interaction. Programs may include grape-picking, grape-treading, casual outdoor lunch, wine and olive oil tasting, wine blending contests, making of local bread, traditional music.

Orientation and Cooking Workshop
Lisbon | Half day
We propose an orientation game followed by a cooking class. Take a stroll around the colourful Ribeira market and treat your senses while collecting ingredients. Enjoy a traditional tram ride to the “Chef’s Kitchen”, where ingredients will be used to prepare traditional Portuguese delicacies. You are invited to a unique hands-on cooking experience.

Lisbon with visitations | Tram 28

Lisbon with Fernando Pessoa

Lisbon with Eça de Queirós

Lisbon with Almada Negreiros

Lisbon with the Marquis of Pombal

Speedboat Cruise

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