Corporate Icebreakers
We propose a series of interactive and dynamic games designed to “break the ice” between staff members. These are short length games, each taking about 15 minutes, ideal for coffee-breaks.

THE STICK | This exercise, very effective with sales teams, requires leadership skills, communication and active listening, a strong definition of objectives and a combined focus on results. The team must manage to carry a stick from one place to another, each member being allowed to touch it with only two fingertips. Letting it drop is not an option.

COME OVER TO MY SIDE | Negotiation skills are at the core of this game: a test to the ability of defining strategies, with focus on argumentation, impact, influence and persuasion. One team member is chosen as the leader and is given instructions, separately, on how to proceed. Based on those instructions, the team has 3 to 5 minutes to devise a strategy. Placed on opposite sides of a line marked on the floor, each team must use their strategy to exert influence on the opposing team, in order to persuade them to come over to their side.

GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER | An exercise which enhances the knowledge of others, as well as creativity and proximity criteria outside the comfort zone. Teams must answer 10 non-work related questions within 7 minutes. The process involves interaction from the group as all need to find the answers together. Observes quickness, problem solving techniques, trust levels and methods of approach.

Win as Much as You Can
A game of odds which applies the “Prisoner’s Dilemma” to the corporate world, with the purpose of consolidating trust among the staff and developing negotiation skills beyond the known variables.

The Tower
We propose a game of skill and strategy with the purpose of building the highest self-standing tower out of office supplies.

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